Special constructions

We specialize in developing and building special constructions for the transport of your bulk and general cargo with an eye for safety, sustainability and the environment.

What do we mean with special constructions?

Special constructions are constructions and installations that (strongly) deviate from most of the known standard transport installations.

Some examples that we have realized in practice:

  • Conveying system on a ship which creates a self-contained unloading system.
  • Hopper/bunker or a conveyor belt on tracks and crane chassis.
  • Temporary or permanent supporting structures.
  • Conveyor belt on a turning pivot on the floor surface in warehouse or on the quay.

In some cases, such a special construction can provide exactly the solution for your logistics demand, whereby efficiency and durability combined with customization prove to be the most perfect solution.

Transport systems are an important element in internal logistics and internal transport within your company, factory or warehouse.

De Regt Conveyor Systems develops, builds and supplies special constructions for different applications within various sectors and branches and always according to your wishes. We build our installations for various locations around the world, to get your goods to the right place of destination.

Your product requires a specific construction

Every product has its own specifications, regardless of whether it concerns raw materials, food or minerals. Specifications such as temperature, abrasively, viscosity and dust development. We supply the highest quality belt conveyors for your product and the associated properties, whereby the harmonization between your specs and realization takes place in synergy.

If you have specific or special wishes regarding your product, De Regt Conveyor Systems is your partner to do the job. Due to our experience and quality, we are able to develop an installation with the most suitable materials and components according to your wishes.

Customization to suit your needs and budget

In consultation with you, we discuss your wishes and needs and advise you on the most suitable solution.

This can be a standard installation, where budget plays a major role. Or specific customization, so that an efficient and effective sustainable installation is developed in line with your wishes.

The choice of the type of special constructions depends on a number of different things such as:

  • The type of the desired product
  • Capacity
  • Direct and indirect environmental factors (for example ATEX zoning).

Our sales department translates your wishes into a 2D sketch, followed by a suitable offer.

Van engineering tot service

Our internal engineering department provides an accurate strength and power calculation, which is translated into a 3D view.

We also ensure that by designing overview and detail drawings, you as a customer are always helped in the best possible way. We have the infrastructure, machines and professionals to build according your specifications.

Before the installation is transported, the necessary CE markings and manual (s) are checked together with a final operation test.

As result, you will receive a ready-made machine at your designated location or after our mechanics professionally mount the installation, where our technician will explain its operation and the necessary maintenance.

After successfully finalizing your project, we will remain ready and standby if needed.  Both in the after-sales process, to support and/or obtain necessary information or during the agreed maintenance moments.

 In addition, we offer you a 24-hour service, which ensures you a quick and professional support in case you would have problems with your installation.

Various projects

Special constructions can play an important role in your company because standard can’t be always suitable for your product, demands and environment. We know better than anyone that your conveyor system / special construction must be able to withstand a diversity of impacts. Our construction method ensures a very long life and reliability.

We have realized many beautiful projects, in various sectors and branches such as:


  • Waste processing / recycling
  • Agriculture (such as grains, corn, fertilizers)
  • Raw materials (such as coal, iron ore, wood products)
  • Industry
  • Fertilizers and salt
  • Food (such as chips, candy, sugar)
  • Sand, cement and gravel




















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