Ship unloading installation (Ship Shore) at Antwerp. 

We recently developed and realized a ship unloading installation for a client at the port of Antwerp.

This ship unloading installation, also known as Ship Shore, is equipped with a hopper including a weighing hopper, with a total capacity of approx. 600 t / h. The installation has been developed for the loading of soda.

The upper part of the hopper has a protective edge of tubular profile and metal plates. And there is also a coarse-mesh grid in the bunker. Finally, a movable roof has been created on top of the hopper.

From the inlet hopper, the product flows through to the weighing hopper, which is made out of stainless steel 304 metal plates.

Concerning dust control, the hopper is equipped with a flip-flap system to ensure a minimum of false air is sucked in to create a reasonable air speed across the opening.

40000 m3h is extracted and because the product is hydroscopic it attracts moisture and 10000 m3h of warm air is blown in to lower dew point point.

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