De Regt Conveyor Systems delivers turnkey bunker on rails at Verbrugge Terminals

De Regt Conveyor Systems is currently realising a custom-made transport installation for BORLIX NV, where incoming bulk goods can be transported from the quay to the storage facilities.


BORLIX NV is a major European supplier of value-added ingredients and raw materials for the feed and food industry, located in the port area of Zeebrugge (Belgium).

Specifications of this project

We develop and build for this customer a complete new installation, which will be delivered turnkey. This system consists of a customer specific pouring system and conveyor belt. The installation is suitable for raw materials for feeds and foodstuffs and has a capacity of up to 400 cubic metres per hour.

In line with the customer’s specific wishes and needs, this system contains the following elements:

  • A hopper
  • A conveyor belt with a length of 25 metres.
  • The hopper is equipped with a mobile roof, and the conveyor belt is equipped with a roof (this is to keep the product dry in certain weather conditions).

In addition, the following options have been applied:

  • A weighing system
  • A dust extraction system
  • An upper belt magnet (to remove any metal particles from the feed material)


We thank BORLIX NV for the trust and the order!


An overview of this project:

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