De Regt Conveyor Systems delivers a new installation for Greif Nederland

For our client Greif Nederland BV we recently developed and build a new installation, with a steel plate conveyor system, for the processing of slit waste.

This project was fully developed, configured and assembled on site by us.

This new automated installation efficiently conveys the slit waste to a collection container. A new upright conveyor belt was installed in the building, which transfers the sludge waste from an existing conveyor belt to a new conveyor belt positioned outside. This conveyor, which runs flat, is also “navigable”, meaning that it moves horizontally. This is required to ensure optimum filling of the waste container.


Technical specifications:

  • Product: Slit waste
  • Capacity: approx. 2 T/h
  • Installation: Made of steel 
  • Type of installation: Steel plate conveyor
  • Length: 21 m. asceding conveyor belt, 9 m. horizontal conveyor belt
  • Ascending conveyor: Inclinatino angle 16 degrees


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