De Regt Conveyor Systems delivers a dry unloading installation on the Zeeburg vessel

For our client Van Ouwerkerk from Middelburg, we recently developed and realised a new dry unloading installation on board the sand dredger ship the Zeeburg.

This project was fully developed, configured and installed on board the ship by us.

A dry unloading installation consists of an excavator on a mobile and movable platform across the ship’s hold, which unloads sea granulate from the ship’s hold into a hopper above an electrically driven conveyor belt.

Via the conveyor belt, the granulates are unloaded dry on shore, via the belt conveyor. With this high-tech dry unloading installation, time can be saved by a highly efficient and reliable unloading method.

The ship the Zeeburg is equipped with such a dry unloading installation for self-unloading sand. The total installation consists of a mobile platform, a hopper of approx. 8 cubic metres and 3 conveyor belts with a belt width of 1,200 mm.

This enables the Zeeburg to unload sand from the hold, with a capacity of 1,500 tonnes per hour.

We wish the Van Ouwerkerk company every success and the Zeeburg a safe journey!


Technical specifications:

  • Product: sand and gravel
  • Capacity: 1500 T/h
  • Hopper onto the length conveyor: approx 8 m3
  • Length conveyor: 49 m.
  • Cross conveyor: 14 m.
  • Quay (discharge) conveyor: 37.5 m.


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