Dust reduction solutions

We specialise in the design and construction of dust reduction solutions for bulk freight loading.

Our system’s ability to reduce dust.

Our system is most likely the best option for your loading process if a continuous flow of product is not feasible or if there is a variety of products.

When the hopper empties during the loading process, dust generation is possible when using a standard hopper. Also, you must make modifications while loading different products.

Our dust reduction loading mechanism successfully addresses the aforementioned challenges. The inner cone is hydraulically or electrically controlled to keep the hopper at its maximum capacity for as long as feasible. This generates a buffer that keeps the flow steady and prevents blowing.

Watch how our system works in action.

At Sluiskil, we built a dust-reduction system for the fertiliser manufacturer YARA. The end effect may be seen in the video below.

(The video is in Dutch)

Loading with a low-dust hopper and an automated weighing hopper.

De Regt Conveyor Systems develops, manufactures, and installs automatic weighing hoppers for a wide range of applications and goods.

Ship loading using fixed or mobile belts, loading from a bunker onto a vehicle, or filling a warehouse or hall while minimising dust production are all possible uses.

Items such as fertilisers, minerals, cereals, and so forth are examples of products that can benefit from such a system.

Picture: Technical design engineering

Picture: Installation almost finished, in our workshop in Biervliet

From engineering to customer service.

Using our knowledge and previously defined procedures, we create your desired customised solution.

Our internal engineering department calculates exact strength and power, which is then rendered in 3D. We also make certain that you, as a customer, are always well-served by developing overview and detail drawings.

We have the infrastructure, machinery, and experts to construct to your requirements. Before transporting the installation, the relevant CE marks and manual (s) are examined, as well as a final operation test.

As a result, you will receive a ready-made machine at your specified place or after our mechanics professionally mount the installation, where our technician will explain its operation and required maintenance.

Picture: Implementation at YARA Sluiskil

Project: Low-dust loading at fertiliser producer YARA

For fertiliser manufacturer YARA in Sluiskil, we designed and developed a dust reduction system in response to a challenge they issued, reducing dust formation during loading at the quay to an absolute minimum.


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